Any stone needs a good planned maintenance schedule in place to preserve it and to delay restoration procedures for as long as possible.

Daily maintenance will consist of dry dust mopping using a clean rayon mop. Regular damp mopping will also be required. This must be carried out using a good quality stone soap alternated with just fresh water. It is important that soap residue doesn’t build up on the surface of the stone. Spills should be wiped promptly to prevent staining or etching. Acid based chemicals used for household cleaning can damage the surface of travertine and other calcite stones on contact. Similar damage from acid based foods and beverages can be avoided if not left to dwell.

Professional regular travertine maintenance will be required to maintain its honed or polished appearance. Our opinion is that travertine looks best with a honed appearance or a combination of both honed and polished in the same room. It is very common to find a bathroom with honed travertine on the floor and polished travertine on the walls. As wall tiles are less at risk of scratching, this is a practical approach that allows for less regular restorative maintenance.